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FiDi Psychiatry

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we speak on the phone first before I come in? 

Yes, I offer a no-charge 10-minute telephone consultation to answer specific questions and determine if I am an appropriate option for your treatment.  After the phone call if you would like to schedule a full consultation, I will email you a questionnaire to complete before our first meeting.

What is your fee?
All sessions are up to 45-50 minutes and all are the same flat rate of $450, including the initial consultation.  The fee is always collected at the time of the session.

How does payment work?
Payment is collected at the time of the session.  I accept all credit, debit, HSA and FSA cards. I do not accept personal check.  I will provide you with a receipt and an invoice for each session.  There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES for therapy sessions, brief telephone calls, prescription refills or sessions involving family or significant others.  However, controlled substances are not refilled without coming in for a session.

Do you take insurance?
I do not accept any insurance but many patients collect a partial or full reimbursement if they have out-of-network coverage in their insurance.  If you have this benefit, you can submit the session invoices to your insurance company and I can provide specific advice on how to do this.

Why not take insurance?
By not relying on insurance for payment I am able to provide a superior level of care to my patients in terms of the duration and frequency of appointments, flexibility of scheduling, and flexibility and independence in shaping the treatment plan, as well as maximum privacy and confidentiality with your personal health information.

Do you provide medication or therapy or both?
I do either one or both.  As a psychiatrist, I am trained in psychopharmacology as well as various therapy techniques including dynamic therapy, family therapy, supportive therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Research has shown that when therapy and medication are combined, the therapeutic effect can be synergistic and greater than what either one can do alone.  Medication can provide immediate relief while we take time in therapy to explore underlying issues and achieve long term gains. 

What if I already have a therapist?
That is fine and I will reach out and work together with your therapist in order to build an effective treatment team working on your behalf.

What if I want a separate devoted therapist?
That is fine too.  I have a trusted network of therapists who I work with and refer patients to and we can discuss what you’re looking for and who would be a good fit.

How long are sessions?
The initial session may run from 45 minutes to one hour, while all subsequent therapy and psychopharmacology sessions are up to 45 minutes or less.  Sessions may be shorter upon request, however all sessions are the same fee.

How frequent are sessions?
For medication only, sessions occur every 1-3 months but are more frequent in the beginning of treatment, for instance they can occur every two weeks for the first 1-2 months of treatment.  For psychotherapy sessions the frequency can be weekly, twice weekly, or every two weeks.

What if I need to miss an appointment?
There is a 24 hour cancellation policy and missed visits or late cancellations will be charged the full fee.

What happens in the first session?
The initial consultation may run from 45 minutes to one hour depending on the complexity of the issues at hand.  I will collect a thorough medical and psychiatric history and address the issues that brought you in. At the end of the session I will offer my recommendations and produce a treatment plan.  Sometimes this may be a referral to another treatment setting. Medication prescriptions are sometimes but not always written in the first session. 

Do you make home visits?
Yes, I do make home and office visits within the borough of Manhattan and sometimes outside of Manhattan depending on the location.  Sometimes a patient is too busy to leave the office and travel for an appointment and that is a good reason to try this service.  Home visits may also be appropriate for someone who has trouble leaving the house due to mental or physical illness.  I can make a visit to your hotel if you are traveling and unfamiliar with the city.  A home visit may address a psychiatric concern in a timelier and less costly way than an urgent care or emergency room visit.  Home visits are similar to other visits in that it’s a flat rate fee which is collected up front and the session lasts 45-50 minutes.  A home visit should not replace calling 911 if you are having an emergency.

Call or email for a personal home or office visit:

(646) 493-1836